Richard Lewis


I take a creative approach to therapy, supporting your awareness, learning new tools, and encouraging self-acceptance.

About me

Richard Lewis

I am a psychotherapist dealing with issues such as low self-esteem, improving intimate and family relationships, facing domestic abuse, addiction, financial stress, anger management, adoption, sexual issues, crime, and anxiety. 

I have also been facilitating groups for 20 years.



Through an honest and caring relationship between two people, change happens.

Having studied several styles of therapy, I base my approach in Gestalt.  

Giving a space to be heard and accepted even for the things that feel impossible to say to someone you know.


How to choose a therapist?

Often people seek psychotherapy at a crisis point. That might mean trying to choose the right therapist when you are also feeling off balance which can be tricky.

The most important aspect is the quality of the relationship between client and therapist. Trust needs to be established and to start with, listening to your instinct is all you have to go on.

A typical process is an email, a phone call, an initial assessment session. Take your time. A good therapist will be wanting to establish if they feel they are really the right person for you, just as much the other way round.

Other factors are experience, cost, convenience, accreditation and type of therapy, but the most important thing is that the therapy seems to be working for you, even if it brings up difficult feelings.